How to start tire pyrolysis business?

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Due to the high profit of tire pyrolysis project, many investors intend to do waste tire pyrolysis business. Then how to start tire pyrolysis business?

tire pyrolysis machineTire pyrolysis business

Firstly, preparation

1. Raw material supply

You need to research the market and find a stable supplier of waste tire collection, or you can hire workers to collect waste tires by yourself;

2. Site preparation

Usually, a daily processing 10 tons of tire pyrolysis machine covers an area of 400 square meters. In addition, the raw material storage and product storage area requires 800-1000 square meters. If you have enough space, that's the best. If not, you need to rent a site.

tire pyrolysis machineSite for tire pyrolysis business

3. The preparation of funds and business licenses

The funds to be prepared generally include the cost of tire pyrolysis machine, transportation costs, the cost of purchasing waste tires, and workers' wages. If you don't have enough money,  you can look for partners. For business licenses, you should consult the local government for detailed procedures.

The second, choosing the right tire pyrolysis machine

After everything is ready, you can start choosing the right tire pyrolysis machine.

1. Determine the daily capacity according to the collected waste tires, then select the tire pyrolysis machine with appropriate handling capacity;
2. Select reasonable configuration, and be sure to equip tire pyrolysis machine with environmental protection devices;
3. Choose tire pyrolysis machine manufacturers over traders. Choose the tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer, and you can buy the tire pyrolysis machine at a lower price and there will also be good after-sales support. 

tire pyrolysis machineDifferent model,configuration for tire pyrolysis business

Then, installation, commissioning of tire pyrolysis machine

Don't worry. In general, machinery suppliers will assist in installation, commissioning the tire pyrolysis machine. But you also have to do some basic work, for example, hire workers to do the basic installation work, and provide food and shelter for workers and engineers.

tire pyrolysisInstallation of tire pyrolysis machine

Last, tire pyrolysis machine operation

After tire pyrolysis machine has been installed and debugged, normal operation can be carried out. Usually our engineers have trained the workers how to operate the tire pyrolysis machine when they are debugging it. So, the customer can carry out the project normally.  What you should do is remind the workers to follow the standard procedures to operate the tire pyorlysis machine and store the final products according to the specifications.

The above are the main steps in starting the tire pyrolysis business. Contact us for more details. As a professional tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer, we will give you a more professional and detailed reply.


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