Waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant

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With global warming and utilization of rubber, it has become necessary to recycle the waste tyre and convert it in fuel oil in a environment friendly way. This is a unique technology which could change energy market in a big way.  Waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant produced by Henan DOING Group has a wide range which could convert waste tyres, waste plastic, waste rubber and oil sluge into green fuel oil, carbon black, steel and gas.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant

Special technology of waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant

1. DOING waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant adopts advanced high temperature pyrolysis technology, and fundamentally eliminate the environmental and safety concerns.

2. With unique dispersion heating process waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant can make the raw materials evenly heated. It not only makes high oil yield, but also ensures the good quality of oil and carbon black.

3. Combustible gas from production can be reused in heating system after purification. In addition, taking advantage of waste heat recycling technology, our machine can reach high thermal efficiency and reduce the production cost greatly.

4. Special flue gas purification system of waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant can remove all pollutants in flue gas, such as H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission index has meet the high standards of Europe and America.


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