Different raw material oil yield


A:Continuous waste pyrolysis plant is mainly designed for large waste tyre or plastic processing capacity. There are three obvious advantages of our continuous waste pyrolysis plant in comparison with batch type pyrolysis plant in the market.
A:Here municipal solid waste mainly refers to solid waste waste tires and waste plastics. Municipal solid waste pyrolysis plant is also called MSW pyrolysis plant.The following is the general process flow of the municipal solid waste pyrolysis
A:In general, the oil content of these waste tires is 40%-45%, carbon black about 30%, so the estimated output of 12T tire pyrolysis plant is about 4.8 ton fuel oil, 3.6 ton carbon black and 1.8 ton steel wires. These final products have widely uses in
A:How to buy a high quality waste oil distillation machine is very important. As an experienced equipment manufacturer, DOING engineers give some advice: high diesel oil yield, vertical distillation reactor, high efficiency, processing, enviro