Different raw material oil yield


A:When customers buy waste plastic pyrolysis plant, they will ask: How much fuel oil can be obtained from 1T plastic? Generally speaking, 1T plastic can get about 600KG of fuel oil
A:According to the different processes, waste tire pyrolsis plant can be divided into two types: batch waste tire pyrolysis plant and continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant.What is the difference between batch and continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant?
A:For customers who want to start waste tire pyrolysis business, they will firstly consider that how to choose the waste tire pyrolysis plant. Customers can refer to the following fators to buy a suitable waste tire pyrolysis plant.
A:Generally speaking, the price of a set of 10T waste plastic pyrolysis plant is about $4,7000.00 to $7,5000.00(For reference only). If you want to know the specific price of waste tire pyrolysis plant, please consult the equipment supplier. I