Different raw material oil yield


A:Various types of waste car engine oil and pyrolysis oil can be efficiently processed using waste oil recycling machine to produce diesel fuel, while also yielding a valuable by-product Bitumen (asphalt).
A:Pyrolysis technology is a thermal process that breaks down organic materials such as waste plastics, tires, rubbers, oil sludge, coal tar, etc. into useful fuel oil products. There are batch/semi-continuous/continuous pyrolysis technologies.
A:Waste oil recycling plant is a special equipment to recycle waste oil into higher-quality and wider-application diesel. DOING waste oil recycling plants has become a popular choice due to our strong strength and comprehensive services.
A:The tire derived fuel (TDF) oil quality of waste tire pyrolysis plant is affected by many factors, such as the raw materials, pyrolysis temperature, cooling system, etc. And you can further refine the tire derived fuel to get higher quality diesel fuel.