Different raw material oil yield


A:The main component of tires is rubber, which can be pyrolyzed to obtain fuel oil and carbon black.Henan Doing has developed waste tire pyrolysis plant, which can pyrolyze waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas.
A:In recent years, waste tires are increasing rapidly.An environmentally friendly and economical way is to use waste tire pyrolysis plant to dispose of waste tires.
A:Customers many heard of waste tire pyrolysis plant, but don't know about components of waste tire pyrolysis plant. The components of waste tire pyrolysis plant includes pyrolysis reactor, cooling system, environmental protection system,safety device.
A:Waste tires are called "black pollution",which has caused great environmental problem. The most common method is bury or pile up waste tires, but this way will cause fires or land pollution. Therefore, we should recycle waste tires.