What is the profit of disposing of 10 tons waste tires by tire recycling pyrolysis plant?

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At present, many customers choose to install tire recycling pyrolysis plant to pyrolyze waste tires into oil to make money. Among them, 10T tire recycling pyrolysis plant is the most popular with our foreign customers. Then what is the profit of disposing of 10 tons waste tires by tire recycling pyrolysis plant? Now, we can subtract the cost from the income to calculate the profit. Follow me to analyze in this ways.

Tire recycling pyrolysis project

First, cost of raw materials, site, water, electricity and workers

Firste of all is the cost of waste tires. You can see the small mountain of waste tires in your daily life. Absolutely you can make full use of them at a low price easily. Some governments also provide tires for free to encourage this project and even give the extra subsidy to the tire processors. So we can known the raw material cost of this project is quite small. In addition to the cost of buying waste tires, there are also operational costs, including site costs, water and electricity costs and operating workers wages.

tire recycling pyrolysis plantSmall mountain of waste tires in our daily life

Next, the income from final products

You can get four final products after pyrolysis: fuel oil, carbon black, steel wires and syn gas by installing DOING 10ton tire recycling pyrolysis plant. The income you can get are mainly from these final products which have widely uses in daily life.

Final products and their applications from tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Final products Application
40% fuel oil Widely used as an industrial heating for its high heating values or you can sell it directly to those who collect in your local area.  
30% carbon black Can be sold directly or briquetted into pellets as industrial heating instead of coal.  
15% steel wires Can be sold to iron and steel company directly.
10% syn gas Recycled as the auxiliary heating energy of the tire recycling pyrolysis plant.  

Finally, profit analysis of 10T tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Therefore, you can get 4ton fuel oil,3 ton carbon black and 1.5ton steel wires after disposing of 10 tons waste tires by tire recycling pyrolysis plant. The price of fuel oil is about usd500/ton, carbon black is usd50/ton and steel wire usd215/ton, so you can gain usd3012.2/batch. Apart from the cost, I believe you still have a good profit margin. The following is the profit analysis table we made.

Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Profit Analysis (Take a 10TPD machine as an example)
Operating cost/day
Waste tires 10 tons * 30 US dollars/ton = 300 US dollars
Heating fuel
(Choose one of the fuels)

1. Coal: 0.4 tons * 110 US dollars/ton = 44 US dollars;

2. Fuel: 0.4 tons * $490/ton = $196;

3. Diesel: 0.3 tons * $740/ton = $222;

4. Natural gas: 150m3 * 0.35 USD/m3 = 52.5 USD

Power consumption 20Kw/h = 30 U.S. dollars
Water consumption Water is recycled and almost no consumption
Workers 3 persons * 50 U.S. dollars = $ 150
Fuel oil 4 tons * $500/ton = $2000
Carbon black

3 tons:

(1) Direct selling, *50 US dollars/ton = 150 US dollars
(2) Milling, *180 USD/ton = 540 USD

Steel wire 1.5 tons * 215 US dollars/ton = 322.2 US dollars
Profit/day (calculated on the basis of burning fuel oil and carbon black) $1,792.2/day

Note: The specific profit should be calculated based on the prevailing market price.

Through comparing the cost with its profits, you can easily know what is the profit of disposing of 10 tons waste tires by tire recycling pyrolysis plant.

From this we can see that tire recycling pyrolysis project is a very profitable project. If you're going to do it, get in touch with us soon.


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