How to buy a cheap and fine continuous tyre pyrolysis plant in China?

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Currently, many countries can supply continuous tyre pyrolysis plant, but many customers are willing to buy continuous tyre pyrolysis plant from China. But in the face of China's numerous manufacturers, some foreign customers do not know how to buy a cheap and fine continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. Some customers have been cheated during the purchase process, so they are more cautious when buying continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. In order to make customers buy a cheap and fine continuous tyre pyrolysis plant faster and better, DOING mechanical engineer gives the following suggestions.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plantContinuous tyre pyrolysis plant

First, know the determinants of oil yield of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

The oil yield of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is different from different manufacturers. Because the oil yield depends mainly on the condensation system, the better the condensation, the more fuel can be obtained. So you should choose a high oil yield of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. For example, the continuous tyre pyrolysis plant produced by Henan DOING is equipped with a three-stage condensation system, so that the oil gas produced from waste tyres can fully contact with water, improve the contact area between oil gas and water, condense oil gas better, and have a high oil yield.

continuous pyrolysis plantThe three-stage condensing system of Henan DOING continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

Second, check the environmental friendliness of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

Now each country attaches great importance to environmental protection, so if do the tyre pyrolysis project, you must choose a higher environmental protection continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. How can continuous tyre pyrolysis plant be environmentally friendly when treating waste tyres? The main way is to equip them with environmental protection devices. For example, the continuous tyre pyrolysis plant produced by DOING company is equipped with flue gas, tail gas and other treatment devices, such as desulfurization & purification tower, so there is no dust and peculiar smell generated, and all the emissions in the whole pyrolysis process can meet the emission standards.

continuous pyrolysis plantDesulfurization & purification tower of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

Finally, make sure the size of the supplier and the after-sales service it can provide

For customers doing mechanical projects, after-sales service is a more critical link. Because after the purchase of equipment will also involve the subsequent installation and debugging problems. In this respect, DOING company can not only provide after-sales installation and commissioning work, but also train workers to operate equipment for customers, so that customers have no worries.

tyre pyrolysis plantDOING after-sales service

So in the purchase of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant do not only look at the high and low price, but also to see the specific equipment configuration and services suppliers can provide after-sales.

As a professional supplier of pyrolysis plant, DOING has sold its pyrolysis plant to more than 60 countries and regions in the world over the past 10 years, which has won unanimous praise from customers. We will continue to improve the quality of equipment and services for customers.We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.


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