How many production of pyrolysis oil from 1T tyres?

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Currently, we usually use tyre pyrolysis plant to produce pyrolysis oil from waste tyres. Then how many production of pyrolysis oil from 1T tyre? This is mainly related to the type of tyre and the degree of tyre wear. Different tyre types and wear have different oil yield. Next, I will do a detailed analysis.

tyre pyrolysis plantTyre pyrolysis plant

The oil yield of nylon tyre such as bicycles tyre and motorcycles tyre will be lower, it is about 35%, which means one ton of nylon tyre can produce 350kg of pyrolysis oil.

The oil yield of steel tires such as car tyre and truck tyre will be higher, it is about 45%, which means one ton of steel tyre can produce 450kg of pyrolysis oil. If the tyre is worn very badly, the oil yield will also decrease. So when you choose to purchase tires, try to choose steel tyres or tyres with light wear as raw materials, which can increase the rate of pyrolysis oil production and increase your profits.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyres

You may ask what is the profit of pyrolysis oil produced from one ton tyres?

The market price of pyrolysis oil in China is generally around 2800-3000 RMB, and it has a wide range of uses. Not only can it be used as fuel oil in heavy industry plants, but it can also be purchased by refineries to be refined into diesel oil, and it can also be purchased by asphalt plants to extract asphalt, so the market sales of pyrolysis oil is not to worry about.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis oil application

1 ton of tyre can only be made into 45% pyrolysis oil, then what is the rest?

In fact, after the tyre are processed through tyre pyrolysis plant, not only 45% pyrolysis oil can be obtained, but also 30% carbon black, 15% steel wire and 10% exhaust gas can be obtained.

Carbon black can be sold directly to cement plants and brick and tile factories as an additive material, or after deep processing as an additive material in coatings, rubber, plastics and other industries. Steel wire can be directly sold to steel mills for re-smelting.

Exhaust gas can be used to heat pyrolysis reactor to save fuel, and can also be collected with pressure vessels and used as liquefied natural gas.

tyre pyrolysis plantFinal products and markets from tyre pyrolysis plant

The products obtained by tyre pyrolysis plant for 1 ton of tyre is 100% usable with good market sales. This is turning waste into treasure, which not only creates profits for yourself, but also contributes to the protection of the social environment.

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