What is the best way to recycle waste rubber tires?

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At present, the main recycling methods for waste rubber tires include tire retreading, production of recycled rubber and rubber powder, thermal pyrolysis, and incineration. Various methods of recycling waste rubber tires have their own advantages and disadvantages.

rubber tire recycling waysWaste rubber tyres for recycling

Tire retreading does not change the general shape of the original tire, and there is no chemical reaction process. It can reduce costs and energy consumption to a certain extent. However, its application scale is small, its output value is not high, the quality of retreaded tires cannot be guaranteed, and the retreading rate is low.

Recycled rubber needs to undergo desulfurization treatment, which has complex technological processes, high production energy consumption, low efficiency, and high pollution risks. Rubber powder can also be produced from waste rubber tires. The resulting rubber powder is generally used in non-rubber fields such as road paving, anti-corrosion coatings, etc. However, there is a problem of relatively high energy consumption.

Scrap tire retreading, recycled rubber and rubber powder are only changes in the shape of the original tires, and repeated recycling will affect their performance and eventually become garbage that cannot be recycled. It is impossible to achieve reduction, resource utilization and harmless treatment of the growing amount of waste rubber tires.

rubber tire recycling wayWaste rubber tire recycling ways

In comparison, thermochemical treatment methods achieve complete and reasonable recycling of waste rubber tires. Waste rubber tire incineration and thermal pyrolysis are two methods of thermochemical transformation of waste rubber tires.

Waste rubber tires have high calorific value and can replace fossil energy to a certain extent. They are generally used in cement kilns, power plants, paper mills, etc. Although combustion can effectively utilize the thermal energy of waste rubber tires, it will produce SO2, NOX, HCN, PAHs, and other pollutants, which is not conducive to alleviating environmental pollution. In addition, high initial investment costs and difficult ash processing also hinder its application.

Thermal pyrolysis of waste rubber tires can be used as a final disposal method to maximize the recovery of various resources in waste rubber tires. At the same time, the pyrolysis plant can convert waste rubber tires into fuel, carbon black and combustible gas related energy, with large processing capacity, low cost and high efficiency. The whole process is not only environmentally friendly, but also has relatively low thermal consumption. Data shows that the electricity consumption per ton of recycled rubber is 1,200kw/h, the production of rubber powder per ton consumes 600kw/h, and the cracking of waste rubber per ton consumes only 200kw/h.

rubber tire pyrolysis plantRubber tire pyrolysis plant and final products applications

Therefore, thermal pyrolysis technology is undoubtedly one of the best ways to recycle waste rubber tires. DOING pyrolysis plant has mature technology, diverse types, stable operation, and is widely praised. We can provide you with environmentally friendly waste rubber tire pyrolysis plant with different processing capacities and automation configurations according to your needs. Welcome to consult!

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