Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company developed tyre to fuel recycling plant, which recycles waste tyres into new energy by pyrolysis technology. It creates considerable social and economical benefits. Why say that? The next product introduction from tyre to fuel recycling plant will tell you.

tyre to fuel recycling plantDOING tyre to fuel recycling plant

Final Products and Application from Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant

tyre to fuel recycling plantFinal products and application of tyre to fuel recycling plant

Tyre to fuel recycling plant can convert waste tyres into 45% fuel oil, 30%carbon black, 15%steel wire and 10% incondensable gas. Fuel oil is a heating fuel can be widely used in many factories like steel factory, cement factory, glass factory, boiler heating etc. Incondensable gas can be directly recycled to heat our tyre to fuel recycling plant. In this way, if all the waste tyres around us can be recycled, it will not only improve the environment, but also bring us new energy.

Therefore it is very high profitable and environmental friendly to recycle waste tyres by tyre to fuel recycling plant. On the profit side, of course, we have practical examples.

Project Profit Analysis

The following is the project profit analysis report of 10TPD tyre to fuel recycling plant based on Indian market for your reference.

The project profit analysis of 10TPD tyre to fuel recycling plant (standard configuration,heating by coal)
Daily consumption
Item Price(usd) Quantity(Ton) Cost(usd)
Waste tyre Usd30/ton 10 300
Coal usd70/ton 0.5 35
Water&Electricity 0.26 192kwh 49.92
Chemicals     9
Workers’ salary 10 4 40
Total: 433.92
Daily outcome
Item Output(%) Price(usd) Quantity(Ton) Income(usd)
Tyre furnace oil 45% Usd338/ton 4.5 1521
Tyre carbon black 30% usd76/ton 3 228
Tyre steel 15% usd150/ton 1 225
Total: 1974
Daily profit Usd1540.08
Monthly profit(based on 20 batches) usd30801.6
Annual(based on 10 months) usd 308016

Project Case

Till now, our tyre to fuel recycling plant has been successfully installed in more than 70 countries, such as Italy, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Thailand, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Columbia etc.

tyre recycling plantTyre to fuel recycling plant installed all over the world

For more tyre to fuel recycling plant projects, you can browse our project cases section. If you happen to want to buy our tyre to fuel recycling plant, please contact us. We’d like to help you with professional service.

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