What is the cost to convert plastic back to oil?

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People have come up with a new solution for waste plastics nearly years, which can alleviate the pollution problem caused by plastic, and can also generate new energy available plastic oil, that is to convert plastic back to oil by waste plastic pyrolysis machine. At the same time, this also brings great opportunity for investors. But first investors are more concerned what is the cost to convert plastic back to oil?

waste plastic pyrolysis machineWaste plastic pyrolysis machine

For the cost, this is not an exact figure. It will be determined by some factors, such as: land cost, equipment cost, operation cost for running the machine, depreciation and maintenance cost, etc.

► Land cost

If you want to convert waste plastic back to oil, you will need a piece of land for the waste plastic pyrolysis machine. The land is about 500 square meters for a set of normal size machine. Based on feedback from our Macedonian customer who has cooperated with us many times, the land costs is about 2000 - 3000 USD per month, and the prices is vary from country/area to country/area.

convert plastic back to oilPreparation of land for waste plastic pyrolysis machine

► Waste plastic pyrolysis machine cost

For the waste plastic pyrolysis machine, it usually costs 10000 USD -150000 USD in different capacity, type or configuration. You could do some research and find the suitable machine from the suppliers. Usually, you can get a detailed quote from the equipment supplier after you have provided your handling capacity and required configuration.

Different capacity and type waste plastic pyrolysis machine

► Operation cost for running waste plastic pyrolysis machine

When you starting to run the machine for converting waste plastic back to you, you also need to consider the running cost. It includes labour cost, electricity cost, fuel cost, raw material cost, etc. Usually, it costs about 30 USD for processing one ton plastic back to oil.

convert plastic back to oilWaste plastic pyrolysis machine was running

► Depreciation and maintenance cost

Usually, it will cost about 2000 USD - 10000 USD per year in depreciation and maintenance of waste plastic pyrolysis machine[This data is provided by our customer in India for reference only]. Of course, depreciation and maintenance costs are mainly affected by the level of plant management and equipment quality. In order to save depreciation and maintenance costs, it is recommended that you buy waste plastic pyrolysis machine from a competent supplier and hire an experienced management team to help you manage the plant.

plastic pyrolysis machineWaste plastic pyrolysis machine maintenance

The above points are the main factors that affect the cost to convert plastic back into fuel oil. So if you want to start the project to convert waste plastic back to oil, you could refer the above points to make the investment plan.


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