How to choose a suitable tire recycling pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh?

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As tire recycling pyrolysis plant project become more and more popular in Bangladesh, choosing a suitable tire recycling pyrolysis plant has become an important issue for investors. So how to choose a tire recycling pyrolysis plant? What factors need to be considered?

tire pyrolysis plantTire recycling pyrolysis plant project

1. Determine the quality of waste tires that can be collected every day

This is the priority factor. If you can collect 10 tons of waste tires per day, then the tire recycling pyrolysis plant with a daily processing capacity of 10 tons is the most suitable for you. The tire recycling pyrolysis plant has multiple models: the daily output is 1/5/10/12/15t. If you just want to buy a small machine for testing, then we also have a 100/500kg tire recycling pyrolysis plant that can meet your needs.

tire recycling plantWaste tires

2. Refer to your land area

If you already have land and plan to use the land to install a pyrolysis machine, you need to choose the machine based on your land area. If you don't have land, you only need to find a suitable land according to the size of the machine. Our engineers can also help you with the layout and choose the right size machine.

tire recycling pyrolysis plantLand area for tire recycling pyrolysis plant

3. Understand local government requirements

If you need to apply for a government permit, you should understand local government requirements. If the requirements are higher, we can configure accessories with good environmental protection effects.

4. Your budget for this project

If you have a strict budget for this project, you need to choose a tire recycling pyrolysis plant based on the budget. Of course, at this time, it is more important for you to choose the most suitable machine under the limited budget.

If you are interested in this project and want to buy this tire recycling pyrolysis plant recently, you can take the above factors into consideration to choose a suitable tire recycling pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh.

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