Does waste tire pyrolysis plant pollute the environment?

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As a manufacturer of pyrolysis plant with more than 10 years of experience, DOING Company pays more attention to the environmental protection of the waste tire pyrolysis plant, and makes special design in the equipment configuration, which can guarantee the equipment environmental protection and no pollution to the environment. So, waste tire pyrolysis plant is environmental protection, and no pollution to the environment. They are mainly reflected in the following points.

tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant project site

1. Water treatment

There are two main parts of a waste tire pyrolysis plant that involve water treatment. One part is the circulating water used in the condenser, and the other part is the dust removal water. These two types of water are only consumed by evaporation and can be recycled.

waste tire pyrolysis plantCirculating water

2. Waste gas treatment

There are two main types of gas produced in waste tire pyrolysis plants. One is the gas that cannot be turned into liquid by cooling. We call it non-condensable gas. It is mainly composed of C1-C4 alcohols, namely methyl ethylene propylene. It is a good fuel, but it also contains some hydrogen sulfide gas and has a very strong flavor. For these gases, we will use desulfurization towers for processing, and clean non-condensable gases can be obtained. The other gas is the flue gas generated when the reactor is heated. The main component of this gas after desulfurization by the desulfurization tower is water vapor, which can be discharged through the chimney.

pyrolysis plantDesulfurization tower

3. Noise treatment

The waste tire pyrolysis plant adopt low-noise fans. The noise is less than 60 dB, and the noise of power supply components and feeders is less than 50 dB. Therefore, there is no need to worry about noise.

To sum up, the waste tire pyrolysis plant is pollution-free to the environment, and it is a high-profit project. If you are interested in our waste tire pyrolysis plant, please contact us directly. Our project manager will give you the professional guidance. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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