What is tyre to oil recycling process?

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At present, the common way to convert waste tire to oil on the market is through tyre to oil recycling machine. Some investors who want to enter the tyre to oil industry are skeptical that waste tires can be refined. Next, I will introduce tyre to oil recycling process in detail. I believe that after seeing the whole recycling process, you will have more confidence in the tyre to oil recycling machine.

tire to oil recycling machineDOING tyre to oil recycling machine

The main step of tyre to oil recycling process

1. First, open the furnace door of the pyrolysis reactor of tire to oil recycling machine, then use the automatic feeder to feed the waste tires into the reactor. After loading, close the doors of the inlet and slag outlet to ensure that the door is tightly closed.

2. Turn on the rotating speed machine to make the pyrolysis reactor rotate evenly. At the same time, turn on the burner to heat the pyrolysis reactor and turn on the dust removal device. During the heating of the equipment, check the temperature table and record the temperature regularly.

3. After heating for a period of time, tail gas will be generated. At this time, open the tail gas spray burners to use the generated tail gas to heat the reactor, which can save half of the fuel.

4. When the pyrolysis process is over, turn off all the burners, wait for the temperature to drop to about 150 degrees, then stop heating and turn off the machine, and turn on the cold air system to cool the reactor.

5. When the temperature drops to about 70 degrees, turn on the vacuum system to extract the residual oil gas in the pyrolysis reactor and cool it into oil through the condensation system to ensure that the workers are safe and free from odors when opening the furnace door.

6. Turn on the rotating speed machine again, turn the reactor counterclockwise, and open the carbon black slag discharge port, collect the carbon black through the carbon black hoist and collect it into the carbon black ton bag.

7. After finishing collecting the carbon black, open the furnace door and use the wire drawing car to pull out the steel wire.

tyre to oil Tyre to oil recycling process

It is safe and environmentally friendly of tire to oil recycling process, and this tyre to oil project can also obtain economic benefits from the final products. There are already many investors working on this tyre to oil recycling machine project. You can learn more from our project case.


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