What is the capacity of land needed for pyrolysis plant?

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If you want to build a pyrolysis plant, you should not only do market research in advance, but also do land planning and build the plant before the pyrolysis machine arrives. So what is the capacity of land needed for pyrolysis plant? This article will give you a detailed introduction.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant under construction

First of all, let’s talk about the required area of the pyrolysis machine. The length of one set of pyrolysis machine is 25 meters and the width is 10 meters. If you are equipped with an automatic feeder, the length needs to be increased by 5 meters, which is 30 meters in length. The highest point of the pyrolysis machine is 5.5 meters. In order to facilitate installation and hoisting, it is recommended that the height of the plant is not less than 7 meters. That is to say, one set of pyrolysis machine needs about 300 square meters of plant.

pyrolysis plantArea occupied by pyrolysis machine

However, there is not only pyrolysis machine area in the plant, but also a circulation pool area, raw material storage area and products storage area. A pyrolysis plant needs to build a 50-cubic circulation pool. The material storage area should be able to store 10-15 days of material consumption, and the product storage area should be able to store 3 to 5 days of products. If the layout arrangement is reasonable, then the entire plant land is probably no less than 800 square meters. If your plant land is limited, then you can also consider building the circulating pool and raw material storage area in the open space outside the plant, so that you can save the pyrolysis plant land.

pyrolysis plantCirculating pool of pyrolysis plant

If you want to install multiple pyrolysis machines, or your plant land length or width is not enough, no need to worry about it. Please send us the size or pictures of your land. Our professional engineers will arrange the layout reasonably according to your land condition and your requirements, and customize the drawings of your pyrolysis plant for you.

When you have doubts about the planning of the pyrolysis plant land or prepare to build a pyrolysis plant , please remember to consult us, we will provide you with some suitable suggestions and proposals to avoid future construction errors, which will cause losses for you.


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