What is the quotation price for pyrolysis tire plant?

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The quotation price of our pyrolysis tire plant is quoted according to the model, handling capacity as well as the configuration, so the quotation price varies a lot for the pyrolysis tire plant with different model and capacity. Before we give the quotation price to the customer, we should first Identify the customer's needs, and then recommend the corresponding equipment for quotation.

tire pyrolysis plant Pyrolysis tire plant

Identify customer needs

If you are interested to get a detailed quotation price for a pyrolysis tire plant, it is better to be clear in mind how many tons of waste tire you are able to process per day, and what kind of standard you hope the pyrolysis tire plant can reach, then with all the above information our sales manager can send the quotation price to you very quickly. If you visit our website, you can also leave a message telling us your specific needs. Our professional project manager will contact you within 24 hours.

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Equipment recommended

Our pyrolysis tire plant is divided into two types- batch one and continuous one based on the degree of automation. Firstly, you can confirm your daily processing capacity of waste tire. If lower than 15ton, you will have to consider our batch pyrolysis tire plant.

And then, you need decide which type of pyrolysis tire plant to install according to your budget range and the actual situation. If the labor is expensive and environment standard is also very high, the continuous pyrolysis tire plant and batch one with highest configuration will be the right choice and vice versa.

pyrolysis plantDifferent type pyrolysis tire plant

Quotation price for the pyrolysis tire plant

The processing capacity of our batch tire plant ranges from minimum 500kg/batch to the Maximum 15ton/day, and the price varies from USD19000 to >USD60,000.00. The normal processing capacity of our continuous pyrolysis tire plant is above 20ton and Maximum capacity 50ton/day, and the price is above usd350,000.00.

The above is the tips for you to get the quotation price of our pyrolysis tire plant from us in the shortest time, hope they are helpful to you. For more information of our pyrolysis tire plant, please do not hesitate to send your enquiry.


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