Scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine

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Scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine is a new type of waste recycling machine that is produced following the increasing market conditions of scrap tyres. Next, I will elaborate from the applicable raw materials of scrap tyre pyrolysis into oil machine, working principle and operational considerations.

tire pyrolysis machineScrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine

Applicable raw materials

As people are interested in, this scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine is aimed at raw materials that are scrap tyre. The scrap tyre are mainly from tyres of different vehicles such as automobiles, buses, trucks, and mining vehicles. As we all know, the main components of tires are rubber, steel wire, carbon black and additives. Through a certain period of use, the worn tires are not conducive to the safe driving of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new tyres. This tyre as raw material for pyrolysis machine. In addition, scrap plastic, scrap rubber can also be its raw materials.

tyre pyrolysis to oil machineApplicable raw materials of scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine

Working principle

Pyrolysis is a process in which large molecules of petroleum products such as rubber are opened by high-temperature, non-oxygen cracking, and small molecules are synthesized. The synthesized small molecule gas is cooled into a liquid fuel oil, and is returned to the market as a fuel to be fully utilized.

scrap tyre to oil machineWorking principle of scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine

Operating notes

In the pyrolysis process, the most important is the sealed environment of scrap tyres pyrolysis to ensure anaerobic conditions. Secondly, the pyrolysis reactor containing scrap tyres must be safe and high temperature resistant; in addition, the cooling system should adopt different cooling methods according to the type of oil gas generated. Finally, the dust in the operation of the equipment must be equipped with a matching dust removal system to ensure that the operation of the scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine does not cause secondary pollution.

Our scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine is designed with the above guidelines in mind. After nearly 10 years of equipment development, the recent scrap tyre pyrolysis to oil machine design has led the pyrolysis industry. If you want to deal with scrap tyres, or if you want to purchase related machine, please contact us and we will provide you with the best technology.

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