Continuous process of plastic into oil machine

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Continuous process of plastic into oil machine briefly introduction:
With the moderation of the society, plastic industry develops at a rapid speed, plastic manufactures are widely used in many field of life. The pollutant of plastic, increasing for its difficulty in decomposing; which was called “White pollution”, has became a big threat to the environment and get increasingly serious. Compared to the developed countries, we are still lack of experiences in treating the pollution; the capital and market are also big problems.

plastic process
Make fuel oil from waste plastic

Raw Material:

Plastic ( PP, PE, PS,ABS,Leftowers of paper,Plastic cable, Plastic bag etc)

Heating Material:

Coal, wood, natural gas, oil

How to make fuel oil from plastic:
how to make fuel oil from plastic
Pyrolysis plastic flow chart

Oil Yield rate from waste plastic:
PVC material with very little oil, not good
PE 95%
PP 90%
PS 90%
ABS 40%
Pure white plastic cloth 70%
Plastic package 40%
Plastic logo 20%
Paper coating dry material 60%, wet 15%-20%
Household garbage 30% - 50%
Pure plastic cable covers 80%
Clean plastic bag more than 50%

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