Which applications can pyrolysis plant be used in solid waste management?

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Solid waste pyrolysis plant can be applied in solid waste management through a process called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process that converts solid waste into liquid fuel oil. This process involves heating the solid waste at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, which breaks down the solid waste molecules into smaller hydrocarbon chains, ultimately producing fuel oil and other useful products.

Brife working process of DOING solid waste pyrolysis plantBrife working process of DOING solid waste pyrolysis plant

The common solid waste that can be recycled with the solid waste pyrolysis plant includes waste rubber, waste plastics, oil sludge, waste e-waste, metal waste, etc. And the final obtained fuel oil yield also varies from the recycled raw materials. The following is a brief introduction of the oil yield of these solid waste:

ItemIncluding typesOil yield
Waste rubbercar/truck/OTR/bicycle tires, rubber cable sheath, rubber sheets, unclassified rubbers, etc.35%-52%
Waste plasticspure PP/PE(HDPE/LDPE)/PS/ABS plastics, food packaging bag, paper-mill waste, plastic cable sheath, aluminum plastics, organic glass, etc.30%-95%
Oil sludgeoil sludge, oil sand, coal tar oil residual, etc.15%-70%
E-wastecircuit board, discarded electronic devices and components, etc.10%-35%

(Noted: the oil yield will range from the state of raw materials, and for waste plastics, PVC and PET are not suitable for pyrolysis plant.)

700 炼油原料.jpgVarious raw materials that are suitable for solid waste pyrolysis plant

Apart from the fuel oil, we can also obtain other useful products from solid waste pyrolysis plant. The following are some applications of the commonly obtained products:

1. Fuel oil: the fuel oil is the main product obtained from solid waste pyrolysis plant, which has a high calorific value compared with coal and can be used in industrial factories as heating fuels, such as cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, heavy oil generators, etc. And if you want to improve its quality, you can make further refinement with the waste oil distillation plant;

Applications of obtained fuel oilApplications of obtained fuel oil

2. Carbon black: Carbon black is used as raw material or main ingredient in many industries and the chemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens the endurance, and improves the coloring features of the materials; so it can be used as heating fuels and paints;

3. Combustible gas: the obtained combustible gas is not easy to store and transport, so it is often used to heat the pyrolysis reactor directly;

Applications of obtained final productsApplications of obtained final products

4. Steel wire: Steel wire you can choose to separate it from tires before pyrolysis or discharge it after pyrolysis, which can be sold directly.

5. Metal mixture: the obtained metal mixture can be sold directly, such as aluminum block;

In a word, solid waste pyrolysis plant is an effective solution in solid waste management. If you are also interested in this field or want to get more information about our solid waste pyrolysis plant, just feel free to contact us, our sales manager will share more details with you.

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