Benefits of setting up plastic recycling pyrolysis plant in Thailand

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In order to address waste plastic management in Thailand, more and more professionals advise adopting pyrolysis technology. Because setting up a plastic recycling pyrolysis plant in Thailand can offer several benefits, including:

1. Plastic Waste Reduction: Thailand, like many countries, faces challenges with plastic waste management effectively, such as mixed plastic, household plastic scrap, medical plastic waste, paper mill waste, aluminum plastic materials, PP, PEHDPE/LDPE), PS, ASB, etc. Establishing a pyrolysis plant contributes to the effective management of plastic waste. This helps reduce plastic pollution and landfill usage.

waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plantRecycable waste plastic pyrolysis oil yields

2. Resource Recovery and Energy Generation: Pyrolysis plants can recover valuable resources from plastic waste, by converting it into valuable products, such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and gas. The pyrolysis oil obtained can be used as a substitute for conventional fuels in boilers, furnaces, heavy industries like steel/brick/cement/glass factories, heavy oil power/electricity generators, etc. Carbon black can be directly sold or briquetted for heating uses. The gas produced during plastic recycling pyrolysis plant can be utilized for electricity generation or as a source of heat in industrial processes.

waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plantwaste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant final products usages

3. Economic Revenues Creation: Setting up a plastic recycling pyrolysis plant in Thailand can create development opportunities for business and the local economy. The production of valuable end products, such as pyrolysis oil and carbon black, can be sold and contribute to revenue generation. We all know that oil prices are high, so turning worthless plastic waste into valuable oil will be a very profitable business in Thailand. Additionally, the plastic recycling pyrolysis plants can generate employment through plant operations, maintenance, and the collection and sorting of plastic waste.

4. Environmental Benefits: Plastic recycling through pyrolysis has environmental benefits. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to incineration and landfilling. Recycling plastics can help promote sustainable development by reducing the reliance on non-renewable fossil fuel resources, conserving energy, and lowering carbon emissions.

plastic recycling pyrolysis plantWaste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant for sale in Thailand

Thailand has been implementing regulations and policies to promote sustainable waste management practices. Setting up a plastic recycling pyrolysis plant aligns with these initiatives, demonstrating compliance with environmental regulations and contributing to a circular economy. They are supportive of building environmental waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plants in Thailand.

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