How do I start a plastic recycling business?

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Waste plastics can be seen everywhere in our life. If we can recycle these waste plastics, it will be a very profitable industry. How do I start a plastic recycling business?

plastic to oil machine How do I start a plastic recycling business?

First. analyze the target market

Waste plastic recycling, in the eyes of many people are not worth mentioning the business, but some means of skilled practitioners a year can net more than one million dollar.

To take a simple example, a mineral water bottle can be sold to a garbage treatment plant for only two or three cents, but do people know how many waste mineral water bottles there are in a city in a day? For example, In a city with a general economic development, at least hundreds of thousands of waste mineral water bottles are produced every day. A ton of mineral water bottles (including beverage bottles) is 60,000, and a ton of profit is at least two or three hundred dollars.

What about the amount of old mineral water bottles a country or even the world produces every day? It can be seen that the waste plastic recycling market is huge.

turning plastic into oil Plastic bottles

Second. Pay attention to government orientation and be familiar with raw materials of waste plastics

Due to the "white pollution" caused by waste plastics, many countries encourage the recycling of waste plastics, which brings business opportunities to the recycling of waste plastics.

Although the recycling business seems to have a low threshold, it is not easy to make money. The key is to understand the material of waste plastic. There are many common plastic products in our life, but few people really know the specific material. There are certainly different recycling values for different materials.

Third. Choose a good recycling method and make a lot of money quickly and efficiently

For plastic recycling, if you just sell it to a recycling plant, your profit will be limited. But if you choose a more efficient way, such as using turning plastic into oil machine to process waste plastics, you will get more benefits.

plastic to oil machineTurning plastic into oil machine installed

The turning plastic into oil machine produced by DOING company can turn waste plastics into pyrolysis oil and carbon black. The pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel in steel works, boiler heating, heavy-oil generators, cement plants and so on. Or further processed into diesel oil by waste oil to diesel conversion plant. Carbon black is used to make new tires or rubber soles, or paints.

Turning plastic into oil machine can be regarded as the final treatment method for recycling waste plastic, which not only solves the pollution problem caused by waste plastics, but also truly realizes the recycling of resources and turns waste into treasure.


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