Can you get money by recycling tires?

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The waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant produced by DOING can pyrolyze waste tyres into fuel oil and carbon black. Fuel oil and carbon black have good market prospects and can bring you a certain profit. Recycling tires by waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant not only contributes to the environment, but also brings economic benefits, which has been welcomed by more and more people.

waste tire pyrolysis plantYou can get money by recycling tires

With the rapid development of the economy, the automobile industry is very hot, the huge number of cars, for the society has brought a variety of problems. Not only traffic inconvenience, more serious is the impact of tires on the environment.

Now let's analyze why can you get money by recycling tires:

First of all, the recycling tires industry prospects are good, after all, related to environmental problems, once the state attention, will be supported by the state. With the support of the state, the industry is sure to make money.

tire pyrolysis plantLots of waste tires

Second, if you are interested in recycling tires, you can learn about the tire recycling method of DOING company. According to the characteristics of the tire, the waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant developed and produced by DOING company can process the tire faster and better.

After processed by the waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant, the tire will be turned to pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and steel wire. The main product of waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant is tire pyrolysis oil, which can be used as fuel in steel mills, boiler heating, heavy-oil generators, and cement plants. The price of fuel in Americas is from 342 to 404 $/mt, in EMEA is from 326 to 349 $/mt, in Asia is from 355 to 379 $/mt. To avoid the impact of crude oil price fluctuations, more investors are optimistic about this kind of tire pyrolysis oil.

tire to oil plantWaste tire pyrolysis to oil plant installed

Finally, in addition to tire pyrolysis oil, the carbon black and steel wire from the waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant will also give you another benefit. Carbon black can be pressed into a ball to burn as fuel. It can also be used to make new tires, rubber soles and paints. The steel wire is recycled directly as scrap or remelted.

Imagine if you chose DOING’s waste tire pyrolysis to oil plant for a large number of recycled tires, you would be able to calculate what your daily profit would be? The question then is no longer whether recycling tires will make money. It's how much I'm getting today.

Now I think you should be convinced that recycling tires can get money, right? Then no hesitate to contact us for details.

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