What are the hazards and disposal methods of oil sludge?

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In the process of oil production, storage and transportation, refining and processing and use, oil will spill and discharge due to accidents, abnormal operations and maintenance. Crude oil spills, if not properly handled, it can pollute the environment (The mainly is soil and groundwater).

oil sludge pyrolysis plantSludge oil pollutes water and soil

After crude oil enters the soil and underground water, the harm produced is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Affect soil permeability and reduce soil quality.

2. It obstructs the respiration and absorption of plant roots, causes root rot, and affects the root growth of crops.

3. Reduce the reasonable content of phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil and affect the nutrient absorption of crops.

4. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum have carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutation-causing effects, which can accumulate in animals and plants through the food chain step by step, endangering human health.

sludge pyrolysis plantThe harm of oil sludge to animals

According to the soil and water content of the contaminated soil, the oil sludge formed has two states, including solid block oil sludge and liquid oil sludge, which can be removed or reprocessed by intercepting engineering measures.

Oil sludge treatment method

1. Biological treatment methods

This methods can be divided into three categories: a. Tillage method; b. Composting method; c. Biological sludge reactor.

2. Curing treatment method

The curing agent, coagulant and other chemicals of a certain component are added to the oily sludge, and after some chemical reactions occur, they form a solid block solid for stacking, storage and treatment;

3. Desiccation and incineration treatment

The oil sludge shall be dehydrated by mechanical equipment, and then the oil-containing sludge after desiccation treatment shall be sent to a combustion chamber for combustion, and the sludge residue after combustion shall be discharged.

4. Pyrolysis treatment method

Pyrolysis treatment principle is that oil sludge is pyrolyzed at high temperature in the pyrolysis reactor in the absence of oxygen, and then the oil gas produced are cooled with the condensing system to obtain liquid oil.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant

At present, the most popular and the most economical way is to use oil sludge pyrolysis plant. A number of investors have made handsome profits on the project.

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