What is pyrolysis used for?

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Pyrolysis refers to the reaction process in which a substance is decomposed by heat, that is, thermal decomposition. Many inorganic and organic substances are decomposed when heated to a certain extent. Pyrolysis is mostly used in the petrochemical industry to get various fuel oil from crude oil, extending from which, waste tyre and plastics are converted into renewable energy-fuel oil through the way of pyrolysis. Besides, pyrolysis is gradually used in garbage disposal to replace the way of incineration.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantPyrolysis is gradually used in garbage disposal to replace the way of incineration

In the petrochemical production process, pyrolysis is used to break hydrocarbons with long-chain molecules into a short chain of gaseous hydrocarbons and a small amount of liquid hydrocarbons to provide organic chemical raw materials.

Similar to pyrolysis in petrochemical industry, waste tyre and plastic can be converted into fuel oil through pyrolysis, because tyre and plastic are composed of long chain polymers, during pyrolysis the long chain polymers will break down into short chain hydrocarbon which is fuel oil used for industrial heating energy.

pyrolysis plantPrinciples of pyrolysis technology

The emergence of domestic waste pyrolysis technology provides a new idea for waste disposal. Through the anaerobic pyrolysis treatment of domestic waste, it not only has excellent clean type, but also can obtain high-value clean gas and fuel.

tyre pyrolysis machinePyrolysis process of DOING's pyrolysis machine

The process is to place the waste in a completely sealed furnace and heat the furnace to 450 to 750 degrees Celsius. Under high temperature and lack of oxygen, the organic matter in these wastes will be decomposed into solid waste and hot gas. Solid waste is mainly gray powder, minerals and carbides. After cooling and cleaning, various metals in the solid waste will be separated, and the coke thus produced can also be reused. As for hot gas, the condensable part will be converted into grease, and the remaining hot gas will be used to heat the furnace wall.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant was being installed

So we can see pyrolysis is an very important way in the waste recycling renewable energy, we have been committed to waste recycling through pyrolysis in more than 10years, and the waste tyre pyrolysis plant produced by pyrolysis technology has received the favor of domestic and foreign customers. For more information about waste tyre pyrolysis plant, please feel free to inquire us.


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