How to recycle waste lubricating oil and turn waste into treasure?

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Waste lubricating oil can be recycled into the diesel and widely used in various kinds of engines and generators or used as clean industrial heating fuel. And Doing Company’s waste oil refinery plant has good performance in refining waste lubricating oil into good quality diesel.

Following is the general refinery process of our waste oil refinery plant to convert waste lubricating oil into diesel.

First step: dewatering

Normally waste lubricating oil contains about 5% -30% water. If the water content >30%, then there is no meaning to do the oil recovery. When gas temperature reach 100 degrees, keep this temperature for a while to allow all the water removed from waste lubricating oil in the form of vapor, to ensure the final diesel extracted from waste lubricating oil has 0 water content.

waste oil distillation machineDehydration tank

Second step:deodorizing

Different from waste pyrolysis oil, during the early stage of oil distillation, the oil produced from waste lubricating oil is milk-like which has bad odor, we also call it dirty oil. Our waste oil refinery plant can separate this small quantity of dirty and smelly oil from the final diesel and collect it into a separate oil tank.

Third step: purification and decoloring

In the middle and final stage of oil distillation, the oil gas is treated by two kinds of catalyst, catalyst A and catalyst B. Function of catalyst B is to absorb impurities inside the oil gas and meanwhile remove the dark color to some extent. After processing by catalyst B, the pure oil gas will be processed by catalyst A, and function of catalyst A is to make heavy oil gas thoroughly break down. Then oil gas will flow into cooling system and condensed into diesel to be collected in the oil tank.

oil distillation machine Waste lubricating oil distillation machine

Fourth step: decoloring

In order to keep a good oil color, decoloring agent is used into our waste oil refinery plant to further remove the oil color, after that we will get final diesel.

I believe now you can well understand how Doing’s waste oil refinery plant converts waste lubricating oil into diesel-the treasure for human beings . If you are interested in this profitable waste lubricating oil to diesel recycling project, please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry and get the free quote of our waste oil refinery plant!

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