How to convert waste motor oil to diesel oil?

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With a uncertain price of crude oil and high cost of fuel, many new technologies are emerging that provide consumers alternatives to simply pulling up to the nearest gas pump and filling up. As an added benefit, these new fuel alternatives are cleaner burning and less harmful to the environment than regular gasoline and diesel.

Converting waste regular motor oil to diesel, which can be used in any diesel burning vehicle or generator, is becoming more popular, not only for its relative simplicity but also due to the abundance and minimal cost of obtaining waste oils. Most small garages keep discarded oil in huge containers that they pay to have removed. However, for these large amounts of waste oil, we can extract diesel oil from them by waste motor oil to diesel plant.

waste oil distillation machineWaste motor oil to diesel plant

The working process of waste motor oil to diesel plant

1. Feed the waste motor oil into the distillation reactor and heat the reactor. We can distills oil gas and residues from the waste motor oil.

2. The oil gas will enter the condensing system and be cooled.Then it is liquefied into light oil and stored into the oil tank.

3. After desulfurization and degreasing of light oil with solid catalyst, refined diesel oil was obtained.

4. The final residue is similar to asphalt and needs to be removed from the reactor.

waste oil to diesel plantThe working process of waste motor oil to diesel plant

The obtained diesel oil from waste motor to diesel plant can used directly in tractors, trucks, power generator, ships, etc..

waste motor oil to diesel plantDiesel oil usage

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