Why Choose DOING waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant?

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Environmental friendly, Safety easy and operation are important factors for waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant.
(1) Using 60 t hydraulic auto feeder to feeding waste tire. Feeding 10 tones waste in 1.5 hours, saving your time, for the plastic can reaches continuous feeding. For the waste tire, you needn’t cut, just using the machine to push into reactor. Our reactor door is 1.2meters.
(2) Except common flame path to heat the reactor, we design a new more efficient and scientific path to reach indirect heating, this can make the reactor life longer 3- 4 times than the common one.
(3) Purifying the oil gas from the pyrolysis reactor to improve the oil quality and improve the oil yield, and make sure the oil gas flow into the cooling pipe smoothly.
(4) Powerful cooling system make sure high oil rare and high quality oil.
(5) Series of safety devices make sure the machine operate without any risk.
(6) Environmental protection device can reach European standard, no secondary pollution, this is important for you to getting government support and license.

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