How to get diesel from tire and plastic recycling plant?

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Many clients want to produce diesel for car use from waste tire and plastic reycling plant, here I will tell you the complete process. From waste tire and plastic to diesel:

1.    First: waste tire/plastic/ rubber recycling pyrolysis plant.
tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tire/plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

Function: making the wastes into the crude oil
Oil rate: 45%-55%
Usage of outputs:
a>    crude oil –using as heating material and furnace oil or industrial oil
b>    carbon black –using as the material of the briquette
c>    waste gas–recycling or using to heat the furnace

2.    Second: crude oil/waste engine oil distillation machine

waste oil distillation machine
Waste engine oil/black oil distillation to diesel machine

Function: making the crude oil /waste engine oil /to clean diesel
Oil rate: average is 90%
Usage: add directly to tractors, trucks, power generator etc.

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