How long is the service life of pyrolysis reactor? How to prolong his service life?

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Normally, the service life of pyrolysis reactor is 5-6years. But reasonable operation and maintenance can prolong his service life properly. After years of technological improvements and involution of welding process of Doing Company, the service life of pyrolysis reactor of Doing can be used for more than 7-8 year.

There are mainly two reasons as following, which support that the service life of pyrolysis reactor of Doing can be used for more than 7-8 years.

1.High quality steel plates:

pyrolysis reactorPyrolysis Reactor

The pyrolysis reactor reactor of Doing is manufacture strictly according to the standard of pressure vessels. The material of the reactor is made from Q245R and Q345R boiler plates or 304 and 306 stainless steel. The thickness of the whole reactor is 16mm. Thus, the pyrolysis reactor can resist high temperature and strong tension. So, it can be used safety during the pyrolysis process, and service life can be prolong.

2.High standard welding process:

welding processThe welding of the pyrolysis reactor

The welding of the pyrolysis reactor of Doing adopts 3-step welding process. The entire welding is auto-welding instead of artificial, which can ensure the quality of welding. Based on this, Doing are very confident to say our pyrolysis reactor is safety and long service life.

To sum up, good steel plates and welding process can ensure the long service life of the pyrolysis reactor to the maximum. Of course, right operation and good maintenance to pyrolysis reactor is the most important factor to prolong the service life of pyrolysis reactor. For example:

1.Inspect and change the quick - wear part of the pyrolysis reactor regularly.

2.Ensure reasonable operation during the production

3.Keep the plant cleaning and avoid dust to pollute the pyrolysis reactor


There are more professional information about operation and maintenance the pyrolysis reactor. For more doubts about them, you can contact us at will. Doing will provide help according to your actual situation or equipment design.

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