What is the estimated output of 12T tire pyrolysis plant?

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12T tire pyrolysis plant is our more popular model of equipment for its suitable handling capacity, so many investors want to know what is the estimated output of 12T tire pyrolysis plant? And how much profit you can make from it? Next, I will make a detailed introduce.

tire pyrolysis plant12T tire pyrolysis plant

Estimated output of 12T tire pyrolysis plant

The most common waste tires in our life are small and medium truck and car tires. In general, the oil content of these waste tires is 40%-45%, carbon black about 30%, so the estimated output of 12T tire pyrolysis plant is about 4.8 ton fuel oil, 3.6 ton carbon black and 1.8 ton steel wires. These final products have widely uses in daily life.

tire pyrolysis plantFinal products of 12T tire pyrolysis plant

Final products applications

Fuel oil

It is mainly used as an industrial heating energy because of its high heating value in cement factories, brick factories, glass factories. In the meantime it can be further refinery into diesel.

Carbon black

Carbon black with high heat value can be made into pellet by using briquette machine. It can reach the purpose of easy burning and easy transportation.

Steel wires

3ton steel wire can be gotten from 12ton tire pyrolysis plant. You can sell them directly to the iron and steel company to make profit for you.

tire pyrolysis plantApplication of final products from tire pyrolysis plant

Project profit analysis

The profit of the whole project is mainly from these final products, because they have a wide range of uses, so they have a good price in the market, and can be sold directly. The following is a profit analysis based on the Indian market.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Profit Analysis (Take a 12TPD machine as an example)
Operating cost/day
Used tyres 10 tons * 80 US dollars/ton =800 US dollars
Heating fuel
(Choose one of the fuels)

1. Coal: 0.4 tons * 125 US dollars/ton = 50 US dollars;

2. Fuel: 0.4 tons * $490/ton = $196;

3. Diesel: 0.3 tons * $740/ton = $222;

4. Natural gas: 150m3 * 0.35 USD/m3 = 52.5 USD

Power consumption 20Kw/h = 30 U.S. dollars
Water consumption Water is recycled and almost no consumption
Workers 3 persons * 23 U.S. dollars = $ 69
Fuel oil 4.8 tons * $490/ton = $2352
Carbon black

3.6 tons:

(1) Direct selling, *60 US dollars/ton = 216 US dollars
(2) Milling, *185 USD/ton = 555 USD

Steel wire 1.8 tons * 120 US dollars/ton = 216 US dollars
Profit/day (calculated on the basis of burning fuel oil and carbon black) $1,663/day

These are all normal estimated output from 12ton tire pyrolysis plant. If you have better tyres with more rubber content, you can get more output from them, and the higher profits will get.

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