What is approximate temperature in tyre pyrolysis reactor?

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Temperature control is a key factor in the operation of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant. Understanding the approximate temperature in the tyre pyrolysis reactor is of great help to our operation tyre recycling pyrolysis plant.

In general, our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant adopts low-temperature pyrolysis technology and keep the pyrolysis degree at average 380 degree.

tyre pyrolysis plantPyrolysis temperature control

Good temperature control is the best guarantee for higher oil output and safety of the tyre recycling pyrolysis plant. If temperature too low, waste tyre cannot get fully pyrolyzed, then less oil produced. If temperature too high, the tyre pyrolysis oil gas will run very fast out of cooling system without being condensed, so the oil output cannot be higher either. So our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant is designed with digital temperature for our customer to do the pyrolysis temperature control accordingly.

tyre recycling plantDigital thermometer of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

As we all know, waste tyres are mainly composed of rubber, carbon black and other organic components. After thermal pyrolysis, rubber and other organic components are pyrolyzed into oil gas. The residual solid substances after cracking include recovered carbon black filler, inorganic ash and steel wire. Waste tyres begin to decompose at about 290°, and the pyrolysis ended at about 570°.

For customers who buy our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant, we will provide the operation manual here. In our manual, we specify the approximate temperature in tyre pyrolysis reactor at different pyrolysis stages, which can help users of our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant to control the temperature well and obtain good oil production.

tyre pyrolysis plantDOING installation & operation manual

Except waste tyre, our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant can also process other kinds of rubber and various kind of plastics, different raw material, the approximate temperature in pyrolysis reactor will be a bit different, so the pyrolysis temperature of our waste pyrolysis plant also varies.

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