Is the waste tire pyrolysis plant environmental?

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For the most customers who want to buy waste tire pyrolysis plants, they are more concerned about whether the waste tire pyrolysis plant is harmful to the environment. Professional waste tire pyrolysis plants suppliers tell you that if you use environmentally friendly pyrolysis plantsto treat tires, it will not pollute the environment and can be produced normally.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe waste tire pyrolysis plant

The new generation of environment-friendly waste tire pyrolysis plant produced by Doing Group is specially designed to convert waste tires into pyrolysis oil, uncondensiable gas, carbon black and steel wires. During the pyrolysis reaction, the pollution mainly comes from the waste gas produced in the pyrolysis process . In order to solve the waste gas pollution, Doing group adopts the following measures.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe end products of pyrolysis reaction

Waste gas is mainly the tail gas, the method of waste tire pyrolysis plant processing tail gas is mainly divided into two aspects. On the one hand, the main content of the tail gas is C1-C4 uncondensiable but combustible gas. Normally it could be recycled by industrial pressure vessels for heating the pyrolysis reactor directly to save fuel.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe tail gas cleaning system

On the other hand, there are also some harmful gas in the tail gas, like H2S, Sulfides and Nitrogen Oxides, etc. If release these tail gas into the air, it will produce very bad smell, which is harmful to both air and human body. In order to reduce the harm to the air and human body, Doing Group developed the tail gas cleaning system, By using this tail gas cleaning system, 80-90% harmful emissions could be removed from tail gas, thus to meet the emissions standard. In addition to the tail gas cleaning system, the smoke cleaning system can effectively purify the smoke produced in the process of fuel combustion, which could be discharged without causing secondary pollution to the environment.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe smoke cleaning system

The waste tire pyrolysis plant produced by Doing Group has passed the European and American environmental standards, and there are many project cases in the European and American countries. If you are interested in environment-friendly waste tire pyrolysis plants, please contact us, our engineers will provide suitable solutions for you. Welcome to consult.

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