Why tires can be turned into oil through waste tire recycling machine?

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Waste tire recycling machine can USES the pyrolysis technology to change the macromolecular compound of wast tires into the low molecular compound-pyrolysis oil. Therefore tires can be turned into oil by waste tire recycling machine.

According to the data analysis, tire mainly contains 50% rubber, 25% carbon black, 15% steel wire, sulfur zinc oxide and sulfur fertilizer and other accessories 10%.

tire recycling Lots of waste tires

Rubber mainly includes natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is mainly from the rubber tree. It is an elastic hydrocarbon. Today, however, more than 60 percent of the world's rubber products are manufactured by the petrochemical industry. But in the rubber application, the tire dosage is biggest, each kind of natural and the synthetic rubber in 60% is used in the manufacture tire.

Rubber contains 92%-95% rubber hydrocarbon, which is a kind of macromolecular compound. The macromolecular compound in the tire can breaks the chemical bond to form the low molecular compound -- pyrolysis oil through the high temperature pyrolysis. Waste tire recycling machine manufactured by DOING company based on the principle of pyrolysis technology can recycle waste tires in batches.

tire recycling machineWaste tire recycling machine installed

After the recycling of waste tire recycling machine, waste tyre is transformed into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. The recycling of waste tires by waste tire recycling machine not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste tires, but also provides us with a new energy source -- pyrolysis oil, and realizes the recycling of resources.

In short, tires can be turned into oil by waste tire recycling machine. In the case of the rapid increase in the number of waste tires by 8% per year, using the waste tire recycling machine to recycle waste tires is the most popular way in the tire recycling industry.


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