DOING 7TPD waste oil refinery machine Installed in Mali

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DOING's engineering team has been busy lately, providing assistance in the installation of waste-to-fuel pyrolysis distillation recycling projects worldwide. In November 2023, we received positive feedback from customers in Mali, where a 7TPD waste oil refinery machine was installed successfully.

waste oil refinery machine in MaliWaste oil refinery machine installed in Mali

【Waste Oil Refinery Plant in Mali Project Details】

As we are aware, Mali, a landlocked country in West Africa, faces challenges regarding its fuel supply. Mali heavily depends on imported fossil fuels, especially petroleum products, to fulfill its energy requirements. The availability and affordability of conventional fuels have been a concern in the country. Therefore, our customer in Mali conducted thorough market research on alternative fuel options and ultimately decided to invest in a waste oil recycling to diesel project.

The diesel fuel extracted from waste oils such as used engine oil, waste motor oil, and old lube oil has the potential to act as a viable alternative to traditional fuels, given its energy content and compatibility with heavy machinery like trucks, ships, boats, tractors, and diesel generators.

waste oil to diesel refinery plantUsages of diesel extracted from waste oil refinery plant

After evaluating the feasibility and potential adoption of alternative fuels in Mali, our customer began searching for high-quality waste oil refinery machine manufacturers. Upon learning about our extensive R&D and installation experience, as well as our ability to provide advanced automation and solid catalyst technology for waste oil refining and recycling, he decided to inquire with us.

Considering our Mali customer's limited experience as a novice investor in the waste oil recycling industry and his budget constraints, our sales manager customized a cost-effective waste oil refinery machine solution. The collaboration between our two parties proceeded smoothly.

Waste oil refinery machine in MaliDOING waste oil refinery machine for sale in Mali

Henan Doing Company always adheres to the principle of "Quality First, Credit Foremost," and we strive to provide high-quality waste oil refinery machines to our customers. If you have any plans related to establishing a waste oil recycling project, we warmly welcome you to contact us for comprehensive technical support.

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