Waste oil recycling machine, also called waste oil distillation machine, is a great equipment designed to convert waste oil into usable diesel fuel. This revolutionary machine offers sustainable solutions to the growing problem of waste oil disposal.

waste oil recycling machineWaste oil to diesel recycling machine

This waste oil recycling machine designed by Henan Doing Company employs a distillation process to break down waste oil and transform it into high-quality diesel fuel. The process involves heating the waste oil to separate it into different components based on their boiling points. Through fractionation, condensation and catalysis, the waste oil to diesel recycling machine effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and water from the waste oil, resulting in a clean and pure diesel fuel product. Here is the waste oil to diesel working process 3D video for your reference:

What sets this waste oil recycling machine apart is its efficiency and versatility. It can process various types of waste oil, including but are not limited to the following:

1. Pyrolysis oil: the heavy oil extracted from waste tires, waste plastics, waste oil sludge, and waste aluminum and plastic, etc., also called pyrolysis oil.

2. Waste engine oil: Waste engine oil discharged from internal combustion engines such as automobiles, motorcycles, and generators after use.

3. Waste mineral oil: waste oil used in industrial production or contained in production waste, such as waste oil produced in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industries.

4. Waste lubricating oil: lubricating oil used in industrial machinery, automobiles, ships and other equipment.

These waste oil types all contain varying degrees of pollutants and impurities and need to be properly treated and recycled to reduce environmental pollution and convert them into useful fuels or other valuable products. DOING waste oil recycling machine's advanced filtration system ensures that the final diesel fuel can be used in a wide range of applications, including heavy or industrial machinery like trucks, ships, and power generation. And the diesel output of waste oil recycling machine is as high as 85%.

waste oil to diesel recycling machineDiesel applications extracted from waste oil recycling machine

In addition to its environmental benefits for waste oil management and treatment, this recycling machine also offers economic advantages. By converting waste oil into diesel fuel, businesses can reduce their reliance on traditional fossil fuels, leading to significant cost savings. Moreover, purchasing the waste oil recycling machine presents a great investment opportunity.

With the features of long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and high-quality diesel output, DOING waste oil recycling machine for sale has become a valuable asset for any organization looking to establish a sustainable and profitable waste oil recycling operation. Welcome to contact us now to learn more machine details, guidance for setting up the waste oil recycling business.

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