When it comes to waste tire oil refining machine the first thing we need to know is the source of the tire oil, which is extracted from the waste tyre by the waste tire pyrolysis plant. This tire oil itself is the heavy oil, if you want to use it well, you need to further process it into diesel by waste tire oil refining machine.

Waste tire oil refining machine uses the principle of distillation technology to refine the tire oil into diesel. Its recovery rate is approximately 80-95%(depending on oil quality).

waste oil refining machineWaste tire oil refining machine

The waste tire oil refining machine produced by DOING company mainly consists of reactor, cooling system, vacuum system, filtration system and dust removal system, etc.. It can efficiently refine waste tire oil into diesel and has become the most energy-efficient refinery on the market.

Main advantages of waste tire oil refining machine

1. After 10 years of research and development, the distillation technology we use is very matured.

2. There are many types of oils that can be refined by waste tire oil refining machine, such as waste tire oil, waste plastic oil, waste oil, waste black oil and waste engine oil.

3. The resulting diesel can be used directly in diesel generators, trucks and vans.

4. The double heating of boiler heating and thermal oil furnace can greatly improve the efficiency of distillation and save time.

5. Vertical distillation reactor is adopted to greatly improve the oil yield;

6. Equipped with environmental protection device, the whole operation process is safe and environmentally friendly.

waste oil refining machineDistillation reactor design and internal structure

We all know that oil resources are widely used, but they are limited, and they are decreasing every day. Diesel fuel from waste tire oil refining machine can make up for shortages of crude oil in some areas.

At present, waste tire oil refining machine is a very hot and profitable green project, more and more people are willing to invest in this new project.


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