Plastic to oil conversion machine is a kind of environmental protection machine which can convert waste plastics into plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black.

plastic to oil machinePlastic to oil conversion machine can convert waste plastics into plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black.

According to statistics, the world USES 260 million tons of plastic a year, of which 170 million tons are disposable. According to the structure and properties, plastics can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. At present, most of the recyclables are soluble and plastic thermoplastics.

plastic to oil conversion machineWaste plastics made in life

Based on the soluble plasticity of recyclable plastics, DOING company developed and produced plastic to oil conversion machine, which can convert thermoplastics into precious fuel oil through pyrolysis technology.

The main advantages of plastic to oil conversion machine:

1. Environmental protection

The desulfurization and deodorization tower system is used to deal with the tail gas and solve the problem of tail gas emission.

2. Low operating costs

The operation process of plastic to oil conversion machine without a lot of electricity and manpower, just fuel and few workers can operate production, low operating costs.

3. High oil yield

DOING company adopts the most advanced condenser to ensure sufficient cooling of oil gas and the best oil output rate.

3. Provide good after-sales service

DOING company will provide after-sales service for ordering plastic to oil conversion machine. DOING engineers will design and plan the site for you and install the machine on the spot, including the production process. If you have any questions, you can also directly consult DOING engineers.

plastic to oil conversionNewly produced plastic to oil conversion machine

The end products of plastic to oil conversion machine are pyrolysis oil and carbon black, which are widely used in life:

1. Pyrolysis oil: The oil product produced from plastic to oil conversion machine, nearly half of the final product, which is commonly used in steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator ,cement plant, etc. Further application, the pyrolysis oil can be converted into diesel or gasoline by waste oil distillation machine.

plastic to oilApplications of pyrolysis oil

2. Carbon black: Made into briquettes used for burning or refined through grinding which is used to manufacture new tires, shoe soles and paint.




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