Why does the waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant explode?

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Pyrolysis furnace explosion is a major safety hazard in waste tire plastic pyrolysis plants with immature technology, imperfect safety and environmental protection measures, and poor quality. It may cause great human casualties and material loss.

So what may cause the explosion of the waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant? There are actually 2 main reasons:

1.Abnormal increase in intracranial pressure of pyrolysis furnance

In the production process of waste tires plastic pyrolysis plant, if the gas outlet or the condensing device behind it is blocked, resulting in poor gas outlet, it will cause the pressure in the furnace to rise, which will lead to an explosion.

pyrolysis reactorTemperature control system

In addition, during the heating process, if you do not pay attention to controlling the fire, if the fire power is too large, the pressure in the furnace will also rise, and there will be a risk of explosion in the pyrolysis plant.

2. The quality of pyrolysis plant is not guaranteed

The technical strength and scale of waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers in the market are also different, showing an uneven status quo. There are cases where the technical design and production technology of pyrolysis plants are not perfect, and the selection of raw materials for equipment production is not good. As a result, waste tires plastic pyrolysis plants have poor high temperature resistance, and the furnace body is easy to break, and there is a hidden danger of explosion.

pyrolysis reactorPyrolysis plant and the pyrolysis reactor welding site

So to prevent explosions, it’s necessary to buy the high safe guarantee waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant from professional manufacturers. DOING waste tire plastic pyrolysis plants have been successfully sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and are widely praised by customers for reliable quality and high cost performance. When our engineers develop and design pyrolysis plants, they have already included the explosion-proof design of equipment safety.

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