Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Cost Estimate-Get price list within 24 Hours

Industry News / Chat online / Give me a price / 2022-09-15

More and more investors engage in the waste plastic pyrolysis plant projects to recycle waste plastics into fuel oil for high profits. If you want to purchase waste plastic pyrolysis plants, here are some instructions for you to get the get the specific price list within 24 hours.

How much the waste plastic pyrolysis plant costs will be determined by the following aspects:

No.1: Equipment capacity

Henan DOING Company has developed different processing capacities ranging from small to large to meet the processing needs of its customers. Such as small scale waste plastic pyrolysis plants: 100 kg / 500 kg / 1 TPD / 3 TPD / 5 TPD, large waste plastic pyrolysis plants: 10 TPD / 12 TPD / 15 TPD / 18 TPD / 20 TPD, or 30 TPD / 50 TPD, even greater.

pyrolysis plant

Different capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant

So the capacity of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant you choose will be determined according to the amount of plastic you collect every day, but also depends on your budget.

No.2: Equipment configurations

In addition to a set of basic standard configurations for waste plastic pyrolysis plant, Henan DOING has also developed some optional configurations, such as:

①safety configuration: vacuum device;

②environmental protection configuration: exhaust gas purification device and smoke dust removal device;

exhaust gas purification device and smoke dust removal device

Exhaust gas purification device and smoke dust removal device

③automatic configuration: automatic feeder and carbon black screw conveyor etc.

You can choose different optional configurations according to whether the local environmental control is strict, whether the local labor cost is high, and whether your budget is high. The higher the configuration, the higher the safety performance of the equipment, the more environmentally friendly, the more automated the operation, and the labor saving, but the higher the overall waste plastic pyrolysis plant cost.

No.3: Latest design or normal design

In order to improve the operation efficiency of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant and increase productivity, Henan DOING has been constantly researching and developing the latest designed equipment. We will also improve the material and operation performance of the equipment according to the feedback from the actual operation experience of our customers, so as to make the equipment operation more simple and efficient, and make the equipment more durable and extend its service life.

pyrolysis plant

Latest design vs normal design pyrolysis plant

We all know that there are costs involved in developing new equipment and using more durable materials, so the latest design equipment will be higher than normal design equipment. If your budget is not very limited, we will recommend you to choose the latest design waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

I think that now you should have a general idea of what factors will prompt the estimate of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant cost. For the specific price list of waste plastic pyrolysis plants, please send an enquiry to Henan DOING Company. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible within 24 hours and offer the free quotation.



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