What is the correct method for disposing of used oil?

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Proper disposal of used oil is essential to protect the environment and human health. Among the common used oil recycling solutions, used oil recycling distillation machine has become the most correct and popular disposing method. Next, let's have a detailed introduction:

Part one: Whole working process for used oil recycling distillation machine

1. Preparation and Feeding:

Used oils from various sources, including engines, machinery, and industrial processes, are collected and prepared for distillation. The oils undergo preliminary filtration to remove large particles and contaminants that could interfere with the distillation process.

Used oils for used oil recycling distillation machineUsed oils for used oil recycling distillation machine

2. Distillation and Separation:

The prepared oil is fed into a vertical reactor equipped with an indirect heating system. This setup ensures efficient heat transfer without direct contact with the heating source, extending the reactor's lifespan. And indirect heating also facilitates precise temperature control, optimizing the distillation process for maximum efficiency and product quality.

As the used oil heats up, different components like diesel and other hydrocarbons vaporize at different temperatures. These vapors are then condensed and collected separately through a sophisticated fractional distillation process.

Brief working process for used oil recycling distillation machineBrief working process for used oil recycling distillation machine

3. Post-Treatment and Further Purification:

After distillation, the resulting diesel undergoes additional treatments to remove any remaining impurities, odors, or colors. Here DOING can provide different purification devices with different configurations to ensure the obtained oil quality, and the oil color can be darker or lighter according to customers’ requirement.

Part two: Environmental and Economic Benefits:

Used oil recycling through advanced distillation technology not only prevents environmental contamination but also offers significant economic advantages:

Resource Conservation: With the used oil recycling distillation machine, we can recycle used oil to diesel oil, which can be used in tractors, trucks, generators, boilers, etc., reducing the demand for virgin petroleum resources and conserving natural reserves.

Wide applications of obtained diesel oilWide applications of obtained diesel oil

Cost Efficiency: Businesses benefit from cost-effective waste management solutions and potentially lower fuel procurement costs by using recycled fuels.

Environment benefits: While protecting natural resources, used oil recycling distillation machines are equipped with environmental protection systems, avoiding causing pollution to air, water and soil.

Desulfurization tower for used oil recycling distillation machineDesulfurization tower for used oil recycling distillation machine

In conclusion, proper disposal and refining of used oil through advanced distillation not only ensures that used oils are transformed into valuable fuels while minimizing environmental impact. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of used oil recycling distillation machine, DOING has cooperated with many customers friendly and our equipment has been successfully put into operation in many countries, such as Ghana, Mali, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. If you also have used oil resources to be recycled, welcome to contact us for more scheme information.

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