How to turn plastic into fuel oil?

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In order to treat waste plastics thoroughly, safely, economically and pollution-free, human beings no longer burn or bury waste plastics directly, but use pyrolysis technology to turn plastic into fuel oil.

Waste plastic has been international recognized as the "white pollution", as the continuous development of world economy, the application of plastic area is more and more widely, accumulation of waste plastic is more and more big, has seriously affected the human survival environment, such as do not take effective governance, it will jeopardize nature ecological balance and hurt human.

turn plastic into oilPiles of waste plastics

At present, the existing disposal methods of waste plastics at home and abroad are only regeneration, landfill and incineration, which will cause re-pollution to varying degrees. How to deal with waste plastics thoroughly, safely, economically and pollution-free has become the pursuit of many people.

Waste plastic to oil plant produced by DOING company USES pyrolysis technology to cut off the macromolecular chain at a certain temperature to form small chain hydrocarbons, which are generally around C4 to C20. In this process, wax oil and heavy oil are catalytic pyrolysis into gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil. This kind of waste plastic to oil plant can turn waste plastics into fuel oil safely, economically and without pollution.

waste plastic to oil plantWaste plastic to oil plant

Operating procedures for turning plastics into fuel oil in waste plastic to oil plant:

1. Firstly, feed the waste plastic into the heating furnace with the automatic feeder, and then seal the feeding system.

2. Secondly, when the temperature in the reactor reaches about 150 degrees Celsius, oil gas will be gradually generated.

3.Oil gas into the cooling system, cooled down into liquid oil. Gases that cannot be cooled into liquid, but the combustible gas under normal pressure can be directly fed into the reactor, where it is burned as fuel.

4. Finally, when the temperature drops to 100 degrees Celsius, the reactor door is opened to discharge carbon black.

Turning plastics into fuel oil not only solves the pollution problem caused by plastics, benefits future generations, but also provides us with new energy. Many investors are now interested in this kind of waste plastic to oil plant, the use of waste plastic to oil plant to turn plastic into fuel oil will also be the trend of human disposal of plastic waste.

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