How do you refine pyrolysis oil? What machine and catalyst can we use?

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We can refine the tire plastic pyrolysis oil extracted from pyrolysis plant by DOING waste oil refining machine. The refined diesel is usually light yellow and can be used in burners, generators, engines, trucks, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery vehicles, etc.

pyrolysis oil refining machineDOING pyroysis oil o diesel refining machine

The refined diesel is more widely used than pyrolysis oil and its price is twice or 3 times as expensive as pyrolysis oil. In order to extract high quality diesel fuel, we Henan Doing Company has specially designed the waste oil refining machine to remove impurities, reduce acidity, and stabilize the oil composition of pyrolysis oil. Here is an overview of the pyrolysis oil refining process and the catalysts commonly used in the refining machine:

pyrolysis oil to diesel refining processPyrolysis oil to diesel refining process

1. Pre-treatment: This stage may include filtration or settling to remove particulates and large-molecule contaminants.

2. Distillation: heat the distillation reactor to 200~500°, separating different fractions of pyrolysis oil by their boiling points for the extraction of oil gas content.

3. Catalyst:

①If you can get acid and alkali in your local market at cheap prices, then we suggest you choose the liquid catalyst technology waste oil refining machine. The oil gas will be buffered and condensed into liquid fuel oil. And then the fuel oil will be bumped to the catalyst tank for refining.

②If you have higher requirements for and enough investment budget, you can choose our new design solid catalyst to refining pyrolysis oil. The distilled oil gas will be catalysted by our special designed Catalyst A and Catalyst B, and then cooled down into liquid diesel. It not only has high efficiency, but also has a high automation degree.

pyrolysis oil refining catalystSolid catalyst V.S. liquid catalyst pyrolysis oil refining machines

4. Further refining:

We also have a high configuration filter system to improve the smell and color of fuel oil, making high quality non-standard diesel with yellow color.

Each pyroysis oil refining setup is tailored to the specific customers' requirements, qualities of the input pyrolysis oil and the desired end-products, so the choice of waste oil refining machinery and the amount of catalysts will vary accordingly.

If you also want to upgrade the quality of the pyrolysis oil or other waste oil like used engine motor oil, old lubricant oil, etc., making it suitable for various applications, DOING waste oil reining machine is a good choice for you!

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