Four sets 12T tyre oil pyrolysis plant to Guizhou, China, on delivery

Company News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Mar 11, 2019

On March 6, 2019, four sets 12T tyre oil pyrolysis plant were delivered to Guizhou, China.

tyre oil pyrolysis plantTyre oil pyrolysis plant is loaded at the factory

When the customer in Guizhou looking for investment projects, he found that there is a large profit margin in the tire oil pyrolysis project, so he began to understand the tire oil pyrolysis project.

In the process of understanding tire oil pyrolysis project, the Guizhou customer discovered that Henan DOING is the manufacturer of tyre oil pyrolysis plant. The customer in Guizhou contacted the project manager of DOING in March last year.

tyre pyrolysis plantTyre oil pyrolysis plant will be delivered

After communication, the customer in Guizhou visited DOING company in March and got a basic understanding of the overall situation of DOING company. Finally, through the comparison with five or six other manufacturers, the Guizhou customer chose to cooperate with DOING company.

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