Women's day celebration of DOING company

Company News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Mar 09, 2019

Yesterday was the annual women's day. Women's day is an annual March 8 to celebrate women in the economic, political and social fields have made important contributions and made greater achievements and established the festival.
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DOING company also attaches great importance to this festival. A holiday cake and beautiful roses are prepared for all the female employees.

convert tyre to oilHoliday cake

Male colleagues of DOING company also showed their gentlemanly manners by decorating the office for female colleagues, reciting speeches of praise and performing programs. All staff relax and have fun in the intense work.

plastic to oil machineAn office environment decorated with balloons

The celebration also included fruit and fine gifts for female employees. I believe that after this relaxation, all the staff will work harder.

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