DOING GROUP delivered 5 sets of plastic pyrolysis equipment to Inner Mongolia

Company News / Chat online / Give me a price / 2023-11-08

On November 6, 2023, five sets of waste plastic pyrolysis equipment were delivered to Inner Mongolia from Henan Doing factory. The whole fabrication period of waste plastic pyrolysis equipment only took about 2 months.

After receiving the order from the customer in Inner Mongolia, Doing factory immediately started manufacturing waste plastic pyrolysis equipment for the customer in Inner Mongolia. DOING’s leadership team, business team, engineer team, and engineering equipment manufacturing team worked together and actively communicated, and finally completed the waste plastic pyrolysis equipment on time. Manufacture of plastic pyrolysis equipment and successfully passed the equipment trial operation test. Here is the pyrolysis equipment delivery pictures:

plastic pyrolysis equipmentPlastic pyrolysis equipment delivered to Inner Mongolia

Why did Inner Mongolia customer buy waste plastic pyrolysis equipment from Henan Doing Group?

1. Doing Company's pyrolysis equipment product system is rich and has various specifications. In response to the needs of this Inner Mongolia customer, our project managers and engineers developed three options for the customer to choose from.

2. The customer came to Doing factory for a detailed inspection, including pyrolysis technology design, environmental protection design and equipment material selection. The quality and operating conditions of Doing's pyrolysis equipment were in line with his expectations, so he finalized a configuration plan of five sets of waste plastic pyrolysis equipment.

3. DOING's technical engineers also fully cooperated and strived for excellence. They customized the factory layout and equipment installation design drawings based on the customer's land, striving to give customers the best solution.

waste plastic pyrolysis equipmentPlastic pyrolysis equipment for Inner Mongolia customer delivery picture

After the five sets of waste plastic pyrolysis equipment arrive in Inner Mongolia, Doing Group will continue to follow up on the subsequent installation and after-sales work. The next two months of installation and construction will be carried out. After it is successfully put into operation, Doing will also visit customers regularly to ensure the long-term stable operation of the waste plastic to fuel pyrolysis equipment.

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