15TPD batch and 15TPD semi-continuous oil sludge treatment plants were delivered to Colombia

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On May 28, 2023, a set of 15 TPD batch oil sludge treatment plant and a 15TPD semi-continuous oil sludge treatment plant ordered by our Colombian customer were delivered to Colombia. The oil sludge raw material of our Colombian customer is solid and semi-fluid, so he ordered two different types of oil sludge treatment plant. Below is the shipping picture:

oil sludge treatment plantThe delivery of oil sludge treatment plant

The oil sludge treatment plants delivered to Colombia this time include:

Feeding system: automatic feeding machine (saving labor and improving feeding efficiency);

Heating system: 15TPD batch 304 stainless steel pyrolysis reactor + 15TPD semi-continuous stainless steel pyrolysis reactor (DOING supports customized the material of stainless steel - 304/316/310S) + 8 burners;

Cooling system: cooling tower (cooling rapidly, using circulating water, will not cause waste water pollution);

oil sluge treament plantDOING bath oil sluge treament plant

Safety device: vacuum device (providing negative pressure to the system, thusto keep safe operating pressure and to prevent safety accidents);

Tail gas treatment system: desulfurization tower + tail gas deodorization device (tail gas desulfurization and deodorization, will not cause airpollution);

Product collection system: carbon black elevator (sealed system collects carbon black, there will be no dust pollution, and it can also improve the efficiency of carbon black collection)

After our Colombian customer receiving Doing oil sludge treatment plants, we will continue to provide guidance and technical support to our Colombian customer during the next installation and trial operation phase.

oil sludge treatment plantDOING different types of oil sludge treatment plants

DOING has various types of oil sludge treatment plant and supports customization. In addition to batch and semi-continuous oil sludge treatment plants, there are also fully continuous oil sludge treatment plants and refining equipment. If you are looking for waste tires, plastics, and oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant, you may wish to learn about Doing waste recycling plant manufacturer. We have been focusing on wasterecycling plant for many years and have rich experiences. Welcome toleave us a message for consultation.

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