Good news! A Malaysian customer successfully purchased two sets of semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis plant from DOING

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Congratulations! On June 25, 2023, a Malaysian customer successfully purchased two sets of semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis plants from DOING. The following are some details about the semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis plants purchased by the Malaysian customer:

Semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis plant
Raw materialOil sludge
Final productsFuel oil, carbon black
Machine typeSemi-continuous
AdvantagesHigh efficient, good performance and time and labor saving

This project is of the state-owned enterprise in Malaysia to dispose of oil sludge, which needs to obtain the contracting right through bidding. Due to the cumbersome procedures, the Malaysian customer wanted to select an experienced company to help him carry out the project successfully. After comparing several companies, the Malaysian customer selected DOING Company, which has over 13 years' experience in manufacturing pyrolysis plants and has helped many customers set up pyrolysis plant projects successfully. And today's successful signing also proves the correct choice of the Malaysian customer.

Successful project cases of DOING pyrolysis plantsSuccessful project cases of DOING pyrolysis plants

After determining the demands of the Malaysian customer, DOING professional technical team made the suitable scheme for the customer and provided assistance to the best of our ability for the problems he encounters. Then to learn our pyrolysis plant better, at the end of May, 2023, the Malaysian customer had a visit to our factory and was satisfied with our quality of pyrolysis plant and full services. Finally, the Malaysian customer signed the contract for two sets of semi-continuous pyrolysis plants with DOING and highly praised and thanked our professional team.

DOING professional tachnical teamDOING professional tachnical team

Apart from the semi-continuous pyrolysis plant purchased by the Malaysian customer, DOING also researched other types for your reference: skid-mounted, batch-type, fully continuous pyrolysis plant. If you are interested in pyrolysis plants, welcome to contact us, our professional team can provide you with suitable schemes based on your investment scale, raw materials, processing capacity, etc.

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