Pyrolysis Plant FAQ1---Raw material Selection and Processing

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1.What raw materials can DOING pyrolysis plant handle/process/dispose of?

Item Raw materials Details
1 Waste tires Big car tires, truck tires, OTR tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, etc.;
2 Waste Rubber Rubber cable sheath, rubber soles and all the other kinds of rubber sheets or carpets;
3 Waste plastics PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc. (except PET);
4 Oil sludge Floor oil sludge, tank bottom oil sludge, refinery oil sludge, crude oil sludge, petroleum sludge, engine oil sludge, drilling cuttings etc.
5 Coal tar oil Black or dark brown viscous liquid with pungent odor produced during carbonization of coal.
6 Aluminum Plastic Common aluminum plastic composite materials;

2. Are all the tires suitable for your pyrolysis plant?

Yes. The tires with normal diameter of less than 1200mm can directly enter the pyrolysis reactor, while the tires that larger than 1200mm need to be shredded before pyrolysis. And it’s suggested to pre-treat the waste tires for fully continuous pyrolysis plants.

3. Can waste plastics and tires be pyrolyzed together at the same time?

Better not. It is recommended to handle the plastics and the tires separately. The pyrolysis temperatures of the two materials are different, so it will affect the process. The plastic pyrolysis process is prone to blockage of the system by wax oil, so the catalytic tower system is equipped as needed; while the tire pyrolysis process does not have the above problems.

pyrolysis plantWaste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant

In addition, the carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis can be further processed and utilized, but plastic residues have lower quality than carbon black obtained from waste tire pyroysis plant. After being mixed with plastic and pyrolyzed, the residue will reduce the utilization value of tire pyrolysis carbon black. So it is recommended to classify separately and treat by quality to improve the added value of products.

4. Does the types of plastics affect the final output of pyrolysis oil?

Yes, totally. Different types of plastics have different oil yields and quality. You can check the following plastic oil yields for reference.

oil yieldDifferent plastic has different oil yield

5. Are there any requirements for the size and moisture of the raw materials?

For manual feeding and hydraulic feeding, tire diameter and plastic bales are required to be smaller than 1.2m and can be fed directly;

For screw feeding, tire ≤5cm, plastic ≤5cm, moisture content below 10%.


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