What waste can be used for pyrolysis?

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The application of pyrolysis plant can not only realize the environmentally friendly recycling and reuse of waste, which plays a great role in alleviating the current situation of crude oil shortage, and can also create considerable economic profits. Many wastes in life can be used and converted into fuel oil by pyrolysis plant. Waste raw materials that can be used for pyrolysis include but are not limited to waste rubber tires, waste plastics, waste oil sludge, waste aluminum-plastic composites, coal tar, etc.

pyrolysis materialsRaw materials of pyrolysis plant

The types of these waste raw materials are different, and their oil yields are also different. Below I will show you the relevant data about the oil yield of three most popular waste, so that you can use it as a reference to better choose suitable raw materials for pyrolysis.

1.Waste rubber tires pyrolysis

There are also different types of waste rubber tires, such as car tires, truck tires, engineering tires, car tires, motorcycles, bicycle tires, etc. These types of waste tires can be used for pyrolysis into oil, but the oil yields are different. In these types of waste tires, the rubber content and wear degree determine the oil yield of waste tires.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantDOING company waste tyres pyrolysis plant

2.Waste plastic pyrolysis

There are also a variety of waste plastic products that can be used for oil refining, including PE plastic, PP plastic, PS plastic, ABS plastic, white plastic cloth, instant noodle packaging bags, plastic trademarks, paper mill waste, plastic household garbage, plastic cable sheaths, plastic bags etc. Click the following pictures to see the pyrolysis oil yield of common plastic wastes.

plastic oil yield

3.Waste oil sludge pyrolysis

The oil yield of waste oil sludge pyrolysis mainly depends on the water content and the impurity content. You can send us the waste oil sludge detection composition report, material status, etc. that you want to pyrolyze, and our manager will customize a suitable plan for you and estimate the corresponding oil yield of waste oil sludge.

Hope it can help you choose suitable waste raw materials based on the above data and your local market. No matter which waste types you want to use for pyrolysis, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company for inquiry! Our professional sales manager and engineer team will customize suitable waste pyrolysis plant solutions for you!


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