How many liters of diesel can be extracted from 1 ton of waste oil?

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The waste oil refinery plant of Doing Company can recycle waste oil including engine oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, etc. into diesel oil with high efficiency and low cost. And about 930 liters of diesel can be extracted from 1 ton of waste oil can be extracted by DOING waste oil refinery plant. But the waste oil to diesel extraction rate is not always the same.

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Because the waste oil to diesel extraction rate is affected by the moisture content, refining technology and refining degree of waste oil.

First of all, the lower the moisture content, the higher the final waste oil to diesel extraction rate. If the water content of the waste oil is too high, it is recommended to use a dehydration tank to dehydrate the waste oil first. In this way, the refining efficiency of waste oil is higher, and the quality of diesel oil is higher.

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As for the refining technology, different waste oil to diesel distillation plant suppliers may have different designs. The waste oil refinery plant of Doing Company has the latest and mature catalytic technology, which can not only greatly improve the refining efficiency of waste oil, but also ensure that the waste oil is fully distilled to produce oil gas. The cooling condensors of our waste oil refinery plant can ensure the full liquefaction of oil gas into liquid diesel and ensure the extraction yield of waste oil to diesel.

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Last but not least, the refining degree of waste oil will also influence the final oil yield of diesel. The oil yield of waste oil refinery plant is usually about 80%-85%. If you don’t need to use the decoloring system to make the color of diesel more transparent and bright, then the oil yield will be a little high, about 85%; if you want to get the good color diesel, then there will be a little consumption when using the decoloring system, the oil yield may be about 80%. So you could get about 800kg of diesel, at least from 1t of waste oil, equal to about 930 liters.

This diesel extracted from waste oil could be used to trailers, big trucks, and tractors, road machines, heavy machines, etc. With good development and high profit margins, the waste to diesel project is more and more paid attention and invested.

If you also want to treat and recycle the waste oils into diesel, welcome to contact DOING company to customize suitable scales and types of waste oil refinery plant!


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