What processing machine can recycle waste oil sludge?

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Pursuing environmental protection and recycling is the current development trend, so how can we better recycle waste oil sludge? Actually, the forms of oil sludge are different, there are solid sludge, semi-solid sludge and liquid sludge. Different forms of waste oil sludge have different treatment processes and feeding methods, so they require different machines for processing.

According to the characteristics of different forms of waste oil sludge, Henan Doing Company has developed waste oil sludge pyrolysis machine and distillation machine to recycle them.

oil sludge recycling plantDOING oil batch type sludge recycling plant 3D picture

First, solid oil sludge and semi-solid oil sludge can be processed by pyrolysis machine. Through the pyrolysis process, oil gas will be pyrolyzed from the waste oil sludge and cooled into crude oil through a cooling system. The solid oil sludge can be directly fed through the automatic feeder. Semi-solid oil sludge has a certain fluidity and needs to be fed by a screw conveyor.

And the liquid oil sludge can be processed by distillation machine. The oil gas will be evaporated by distillation, and the oil residue will be filtered out. And then oil gas will be cooled into crude oil by the cooling system. The liquid sludge can be pumped directly into the distillation machine through the oil pump.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantSemi-automatic sludge pyrolysis plant picture

After the treatment of these machines, we can get crude oil and ash from sludge. Crude oil can be used directly. Ashes can be filled or used as brick-making materials, which not only saves oil resources, but also solves the problem of environmental pollution.

Therefore, Doing Company’s sales manager usually recommend suitable waste oil processing machines based on our customers’ waste sludge situations. If you also want to recycle the waste oil sludge to obtain oil products and great profits, please contact us directly and we will customize you the best waste oil sludge processing solutions and waste oil sludge processing machines!


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