How to recycle waste tyres?

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Piles of waste tyres not only have obvious environmental pollution problems, but also have serious fire hazards. We can use the waste tyre to oil plant to recycle the waste tyre. The waste tyre to oil plant can turn the waste tyre into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire.

tyre to oil plantPiles of waste tyres

With the continuous rise of the economic level, more and more families have their own cars. The development of the automobile industry is also flourishing, and the sales volume of cars is also increasing year by year. High sales of cars will also directly affect the use of car tires, so there are a lot of waste tyres produced every year. But how to recycle tyres?

If waste tyres are used as fuel directly, it will cause serious air pollution. Landfill, combustion and other solid waste disposal methods are not applicable to waste tyres. On this basis, it has become a new trend to recycle waste tyres by waste tyre to oil plant.

tyre to oil plantNew waste tyre to oil plant

The main recycling process of waste tyre to oil plant:

1. Waste tyre to oil plant is produced according to the pyrolysis technology, which can pyrolyze the waste tyre at high temperature and make the tyre melt and evaporate to produce oil gas.

2. Oil gas can be cooled into liquid oil through the cooling system.

3. The remaining slag in the final reactor is carbon black. When the pyrolysis reaction is completed, the temperature of the reactor drops, and carbon black can be discharged from the reactor. And then there's the steel wire, which doesn't have any chemical changes, it just gets separated from the tyre.

waste tyre to oil plantThe main recycling process of waste tyre to oil plant

The oil obtained from the waste tyre to oil plant can be widely used as fuel oil in heavy trucks, agricultural machinery and ships. Carbon black can be made into new tires, rubber soles, pigments and so on. The steel wire can be recycled directly to steel mills for reuse.

Recycling waste tyres by waste tyre to oil plant not only avoids the pollution caused by waste tyres, but also finds new available energy. At the same time, the waste tyre can be reused as resources.

In general, recycling waste tyres by waste tyre to oil plant contributes to the sustainable development of society.


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